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Canopy PREP

A compilation of educational speakers who provide insight into the commercialization process of university technology and highlight the most pressing challenges in healthcare that may be addressed with virtual healthtechnologies.

Collaborating with innovation partners across the midwest region, Canopy PREP provides academic clinicians and technologists from Oklahoma universities with the following:

1. Educational sessions that cover the ins and outs of converting university IP into commercial products.

2. Clinician-led conversations that explore the most critical healthcare challenges, ultimately producing problem-driven virtual healthcare technologies.


This educational and conversational approach equips technologists with the know-how and vision to create compelling technologies. 

Upcoming Seminars


Canopy PREP helps inventors prepare to apply for the Canopy FUND. Technologies are evaluated on the probability of future commercial success and the following criteria:

  • Validity of unmet clinical need

  • Competitive landscape

  • Current and future market dynamics

  • Strength and nature of intellectual property

  • Addressability of regulatory risk

  • Understanding of potential reimbursement hurdles

  • High probability clinical use or follow-on funding within 2-3 years of receiving an award

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